TOAST UI Grid is a powerful widget which allows you to visualize and edit data via its table representation.

Browser Support

Chrome Chrome IE Internet Explorer Edge Edge Safari Safari Firefox Firefox
Yes 8+ Yes Yes Yes


  • Various input types (checkbox, radio, select, password, etc)
  • Full keyboard navigation (move, select, copy, paste, delete, etc)
  • Virtual scrolling (Handling large dataset without performance loses)
  • Copy & Paste using clipboard with 3rd party application (Like MS-Excel or Google-spreadsheet)
  • Column resize & reorder & show & hide
  • Multi column headers
  • Custom cell formatter & converter
  • Inline Editing
  • Validation
  • Selection
  • Pagination
  • Picking date
  • Sorting
  • Merging cell
  • Frozen(Pinned) columns
  • Relation between each columns
  • Binding to remote data
  • Summarize all values of each column
  • Customizing styles (Three basic themes)

In addition, you can implement desired functions using various options and APIs.


Here are more examples and play with TOAST UI Grid!


TOAST UI products can be used by using the package manager or downloading the source directly. However, we highly recommend using the package manager.

Via Package Manager

TOAST UI products are registered in two package managers, npm and bower. You can conveniently install it using the commands provided by each package manager. When using npm, be sure to use it in the environment Node.js is installed.

$ npm install --save tui-grid # Latest version
$ npm install --save tui-grid@<version> # Specific version
$ bower install tui-grid # Latest version
$ bower install tui-grid#<tag> # Specific version

Via Contents Delivery Network (CDN)

TOAST UI products are available over the CDN powered by TOAST Cloud.

You can use the CDN as below.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

<script src=""></script>

If you want to use a specific version, use the tag name instead of latest in the url's path.

The CDN directory has the following structure.

├─ latest/
│  ├─ tui-grid.comb.js // This file includes the backbone and underscore.
│  ├─ tui-grid.comb.min.js
│  ├─ tui-grid.css
│  ├─ tui-grid.min.css
│  ├─ tui-grid.js
│  └─ tui-grid.min.js
├─ v2.10.0/
│  ├─ ...

Download Source Files



Add the container element where TOAST UI Grid will be created.

<div id="grid"></div>


TOAST UI Grid can be used by creating an instance with the constructor function. To get the constructor function, you should import the module using one of the following ways depending on your environment.

Using namespace in browser environment
var Grid = tui.Grid;
Using module format in node environment
var Grid = require('tui-grid'); /* CommonJS */
import {Grid} from 'tui-grid'; /* ES6 */

You can create an instance with options and call various APIs after creating an instance.

var instance = new Grid({
    el: $('#grid'), // Container element
    columns: [
            title: 'Name',
            name: 'name'
            title: 'Artist',
            name: 'artist'
            title: 'Release',
            name: 'release'
            title: 'Genre',
            name: 'genre'
    data: [
        name: 'Beautiful Lies',
        artist: 'Birdy',
        release: '2016.03.26',
        genre: 'Pop'

instance.setData(newData); // Call API of instance's public method

Grid.applyTheme('striped'); // Call API of static method


You can also see the older versions of API page on the releases page.




This software is licensed under the MIT © NHN Entertainment.